In my professional life, the threads connecting my journey have been teaching and coordination. I received my bachelor's in secondary education, worked in vocational rehab as a trainer, and worked for several years in behavioral health as a coordinator. In graduate school, I taught at the college level and earned my Master's in Public Health in Community Health Education. I worked as a health educator for Kaiser Permanente Colorado and honed my project management skills, while continuing to train and coach people working to make life changes. At the University of Alaska Anchorage, I developed and coordinated the LEND program and served in liaison and collaborative roles on many committees with the State of Alaska and other community groups.

Coming to Alaska: When I arrived in Juneau at age 14 from Colorado, I instantly felt at home. I loved the mountains, the ocean, and the giant Sitka spruce forest. I went Outside for graduate school and to gain experience in Denver before taking a year to travel the world solo. After trekking in the Himalayas and spending a summer with Mongolian nomads, I was ready to come home to Alaska in 2011. I currently live in Sitka and Anchorage with my partner our two dogs.