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Creativity: Innovating through shifts in perspective.

Flexibility: Managing change with grace and resilience.

Learning: Listening with curiosity to achieve understanding and progress.

Connecting: Enjoying people and developing strong partnerships.

Excellence: Committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

From the CliftonStrengths assessment


In every role throughout my career, I have worked as a connector. 
I am skilled at bringing together stakeholders in a project and finding common ground and opportunities. I love to discover and leverage all the combined knowledge of the team to achieve shared goals. Using a coaching approach, I find successful strategies that achieve desired outcomes through curiosity and asking good questions.

I enjoy building things that are sustainable and work well.
I have a unique ability to see the details needed to accomplish the larger goals, and to work in the weeds without losing sight of the goals. I connect work tasks to the agency’s vision to support mission achievement and to encourage shared values within the organizational culture.

I believe that the best solutions come from the people doing the work.
I see my role as a facilitator of team success through finding ways the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity. In areas where there are identified gaps, I design training to develop needed skills, and engage decision-makers to find resource solutions. I incorporate the lived experience of stakeholders to improve training and project outcomes.

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